Questionable Titles….

As I browse through the children’s collection, I occasionally wonder what publishers were thinking when they picked titles.

These two caught my eye:

As opposed to, say, crocheting because it bores you to tears, or because that was mom’s idea of a punishment, etc etc.  You mean this isn’t supposed to be an activity that makes you miserable?  (No comments from the peanut gallery on how badly I crochet.)

And then there’s this….

Now, yes, I understand that Mimosa is subgrouping of herbs and shrubbery.  Let’s be honest though–show of hands–how many of you thought about the breakfast beverage of OJ and Champagne rather than a member of the legume family? Especially when you pair it with the word “River.” 



  1. Comment by Tim K:

    The cynicism of age is starting to show!!! Not to many little kids know what a mimosa is. LOL

  2. Comment by Valerie:

    A couple years ago, a pamphlet turned up in our returns. It was called "An Activity Book for Non-Smoking Children" and had a cartoon drawing of two kids, one of whom was saying, "I love not smoking!"

    My first thought was that if they made an activity book for children who smoke, maybe they'd quit smoking.