Hedgehogs in the News: Cuteness…

Couple of hedgehog links came my way….

Jennie sent a blog pic of a hedgehog in a chocolate box. I think I’d like to living in a chocolate box, or at least get to nap in one. 🙂


Jason P pointed towards Sober in a Nightclub’s perennial Hedgehog question–why can’t we share?


  1. Comment by Carin S.:

    Did you hear about this bookstore event: http://news.shelf-awareness.com/ar/theshelf/2010-07-12/cool_idea_of_the_day_hedgehog_bookstore_pets_101.html

    And a few years ago a friend got me a box of hedgehog chocolates! I was sad to eat them, but they were yummy: http://staffordsfamouschocolates.com/chhe.html

  2. Comment by Abigail:

    Those chocolate hedgehogs are SOOOO CUTE!!!

    I love the idea of a hedgehog party–I saw the hedgehog watermelon in our local paper the other day and was totally in love with it. I’ve done baskets before, so that would be a real possibility. I’ll have to check with Madame Storyteller about that for next summer!