Chugging Along…

The braces are off! HOORAY!  (Hopefully I can self photo decently this evening and show you all). I have one more appointment with Dr. Heim (most excellent ortho) tomorrow and then I need not darken his doors again. Considering just how many times I’ve been there in the past two weeks, I think we’re all a little relieved.

I’m down to the last week and a half at work and things are starting to really move.  I am w/o storytime, which is very weird to me.  I’m pretty much done with the professional journals and handing major things off to Madame Storyteller and the rest of the Youth Services Department. I’ve started taking things home and giving away plants. I’m done with Kiwanis and the Guild…

My landlord is showing my apartment.  She called today whilst I was at the ortho–could she show it even though I had no notice?  Uh…sure, but it’s a mess, I warned her.  Not really a mess, but untidy. I would have preferred to straighten up and not have cosmetics all over the bathroom counter nor an unmade bed and such.  Still, if it means she can get someone in on the 15th and I don’t have to pay rent thru end of December, I’ll take the reputation of untidy with complete strangers. And yes, I really do need that much yarn lying about thank-you-very-much.

I have yet to begin to pack, which I need to do because this is a go-through-and-weed move.  I’ve accumulated and should really make at least one huge run up to Goodwill and bring a couple more bags of books into work. I’m also thinking that I might finally get all my books into LibraryThing while I’m packing them.  What? Stop giggling.  It’s a wonderful idea in theory.

In the interim my to do list is boiling over and I just keep adding things to it.  I’m hoping tomorrow (a half day for yours truly) will mean that I can come home, get through some stuff and then enjoy an evening rather than hack through things one snippet at a time.  Maybe. Sorta.

I can hope, right?


  1. Comment by Becky:

    We did that go through and weed thing before we moved and we are still doing it as we unpack and try to fit into our new place. It is refreshing and a bit scary all at the same time. I like weeding, but then I think what if I need that tomorrow. So far, I haven’t missed anything that we weeded in June, August or more recently! Good luck!

    Also, I totally know what you mean about caring about what strangers think of your cleaning habits even though it really shouldn’t matter!

  2. Comment by Abigail:

    Thanks Becky–I keep thinking of you and J and you’re major clean out. I don’t have any spare kayaks but I do have a lot of house plants that need good homes. Hoping I can prune the books without feeling deprived. 🙂