Go North…

I hope it will reflect highly on my former coworkers that I point you at a couple of job ads at La Crosse Public Library.

They are hiring an archivist and an assistant circulation coordinator.  These are two very interesting positions: archives has some of the coolest people at LPL and the Queen of Reference (who now takes on the Queen of Public Services title) will be supervising the Assistant Circulation Coordinator.  These are new positions that will have a lot of opportunity for outreach in the community, growth professionally, and good people to work with.

If you have any questions I can answer about La Crosse or my experiences, I am always happy to do so. They were highly supportive during my time there and  when I was ready to leave for a new challenge, I did so with their support because of the many good experiences I’d had there and their understanding that professionals grow and change.

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  1. Comment by Marge LW:

    Yes, you great people must really come join us. We take good care of you and then launch you out into the wide, wild library world if you choose to keep going and growing. We have former colleagues doing amazing things throughout the country (and some still here!). We are the best kept secret but an amazing incubator.