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Who’s Saying What about Second Life

As the cat makes one of her daily rounds of sprinting back and forth behind my chair and meowing piteously… There’s been some chatter again this week about Second Life. I did some exploration with it in January, but couldn’t really find anything interesting to do at the hours I was usually conscious and available […]

The Library 2.0 Network

I was directed via one of my listservs to a new social network: Library 2.0 as created by Bill Drew. It looks a bit like a social network (of the myspace variety), a bit of one-stop-shopping for ALA blog updates, a few podcasts, and the latest librarian video, and a jolly good time to be […]

Rettig for President Video

Jim Retting had a YouTube video up that I was hoping to link to for his ALA Presidency candidacy. I liked it! It was simple, effective, and got his name and ideas into my brain. However, when I just checked the link…it’s been removed by the user. I wonder what happened. I hope we get […]

This is Your Online Life….

There are many, many days when I feel like I have more of a life online than I do in the real world. I have friends, colleagues, and coworkers that I’ve never met IRL. With the majority of them I have a healthy relationship. There are the ones I hear from all the time, the […]

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful….manuscripts

Ahhh…illuminated manuscripts. So lovely. So carefully done. Occasionally even—so bawdy. But I digress. I have fond appreciation for pages carefully drawn/woodcut/imprinted/colored in detail I can’t begin to imagine by men (primarily) whose entire lives could be devoted to this. I have a special place in my heart for the Book of Kells—the Chi Ro page […]