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Thanks for the Audios….

It’s painfully clear we’re a week out from Christmas at the library: all the books are in (except the Christmas books, we still have a fair number but they’re starting to look picked over) and the audio books and videos are flying out the door. People have already begun to travel and parents are valiantly […]

A Mild Sense of Vindication

One of the tasks that has landed on my plate over the past year is the care and feeding of our Overdrive collection. I am part of a state-wide group that meets every quarter to decide what audiobooks we’ll make available to our patrons. The last two orders, we’ve been able to start adding mp3, […]

Overdrive Making Updates

If you listen to audiobooks, there have been some happenings of note at Overdrive. This is a company which has arisen as one of the primary providers of audiobooks to libraries in the past few years–working with Boston, New York, Chicago and many other systems. I started using it as a patron when I was […]

The Joy of the Spoken/Written Word

I am among an apparently small population that grew up being read aloud to–almost continuously. My mother read scores of books aloud to her three children and I have numerous memories of hearing her create worlds from pages of words. This continued through my teenage years as I listened to her read to a brother […]