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But Wait? There was Monday!!

Okay, so I didn’t leave the ALA Conference Sunday afternoon and come flying back the La Crosse, I did see some of my friends from Chicago. Sunday night, I hung out with the Brunette’s brother. He and I have an amazing ability to miss each other’s phone calls. It’s kind of uncanny. He’d leave a […]

ALA 2009: Thursday and Friday

Finally, it’s time for an ALA Recap. This might take a couple of posts, so I don’t completely overwhelm you–but won’t you come along for the review and ride? Thursday, after a rousing day at work and an emergency appt at the orthodontist to stop one of the wires from slicing up my mouth, I […]

In Defense of What I Read

I read romance novels. This potentially embarrassing statement, which comes as little shock to anyone who has known me for more than six months, ever seen my bookshelves, or watched me check stuff out at work, puts me in a category that is about as stereotyped as my current profession. Let’s see if I remember […]

Mending in Action

I was prepared this particular trip to New York: I packed five pair of shoes. That this meant that I came home with somewhere around 8 blisters per foot should mean nothing. Really, someday my feet will re-adapt to hiking around a concrete jungle. Three weekends ago I had company, AudioGirl came up to spend […]

Evaluating Passion

It’s one of those things that strikes you while spending an hour working on an incredibly simple scarf or staring out the window at the grey winter sky. You wonder at the passion in your life: for your work, for your craft, for life and what you’re doing. Is it enough? Are you living or […]