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Data Jobs Friday: February 24

Google has started showing me ads for “How to be come a Data Scientist.”  I think we might be onto something.  Also, I’m starting to check old posts when university names sound familiar–though it seems to be mostly complementary positions, not turn over or failed searches. I’m optimistic. But before we get into the regular […]

Data Friday: Government Data for a Fee?

Scanning the headlines of the newest issue of Science (you can sign up for the RSS even if you don’t have full access, I’m one of the blessed with access through work), I was disturbed to see this one: Congress Asks NOAA to Consider Charging for Data Science 9 December 2011: Vol. 334 no. 6061 […]

Data Friday: Data Tidbits 7, Just the Jobs

It’s almost all cold weather jobs this week: NY, CT, MN, WI. That may not appeal when we’re already wearing heavy coats, though in Chicago we’re still curious as to when to expect the snow to start making our sidewalks treacherous. Flurries are expected today (watch, we’ll get a foot) but then it’s back to […]

Data Friday: Data Tidbits 5

—There’s a new ALA/ACRL Listserv for Data Minded Types: Digital Curation Interest Group. I’ve signed on and hope to find lots of interesting things to share with you! (Thanks Dorothea!) —Have you been reading the International Journal of Digital Curation? If not, the most recent issue has lots of Data focused peer reviewed papers, including impact […]

Data Friday: Facilitating Access to the Web of Data (Chapter Review)

Recently, I saw a request for reviewers for  CILIP for Facilitating Access to the Web of Data: a Guide for Librarians by David Stuart.  I’m not a part of CILIP, so I can’t be the reviewer (I assume, if I’m wrong, someone please let me know!), but I tweeted interest in the book and the publisher was kind […]