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Open Access Tenure: Sondheim Summer

I’m having a bit of a Sondheim Summer–echoes of Follies’ I’m Still Here playing in the background. Carol Burnett really sells it.  (See 2:30 for the start of it in concert). ALA wasn’t too heavily scheduled for me, though the focus was on meetings.  I’m still wrangling with the changes that are coming with next […]

In My Teacup, I Will Read

There are few things more constant in my life than my morning cup of tea. I wake up, roll out of bed, stumble out to feed Gypsy, and turn on the tea kettle.* Twinings Lady Grey, Teavana’s Jasmine Pearls, and Celestial Seasoning’s Imperial White Peach are my top three choices, though I have strong feelings […]

Moment of Frivolity and Elephants

I love elephants. I really enjoyed the giant trampoline the Incredibly Patient Mother bought when I was in junior high. Elephants on Trampolines? Even better…. (Thanks to ICanHazCheeseburger for the gif and Sibling-the-Elder for finding the full video)

Obligatory First Day of the Year Post

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a snuggly purring feline in one’s lap inhibits standing.  So apparently I need to sit, pet Gypsy, work on some blog posts that don’t require standing and fetching pictures, and such. Of course, every time she changes position or tries to make the laptop keyboard a spot on […]

Units of Time….

If you’re dropping by from Madame Storyteller’s Blog, please check out my post about the La Crosse job and feel free to contact me with questions. I need an egg timer, I announced to M the other day.  She inquired as to the necessity of that, when we have clocks and such.  Mostly, I said, […]