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15 Things About Me and Books

The venerable Steve Lawson and Warmaiden got me thinking about this… 1. I learned to read at four and was almost instantly a voracious reader. Sending me to my room was rarely an effective punishment because I’d go and read. 2. The only books I ever remember my mother telling me no about were the […]

Pride and Prejudice via Tag Cloud

I’m shamelessly stealing Griffey’s meme on books we enjoy as tag clouds. As he’s already done one favorite of mine (where did you find full text of Cryptonomicon online?), I’ll choose another. The text went into Wordle and here is what we find. Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Full text available here. Can you guess […]

Authors for Posterity

I’m listening yet again to Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen/Nadia May) and I’m reminded that Austen’s works have held up admirably over a number of generations and are, to many, still as engaging as they were when first published. And this calls to mind my conversation with My-Friend-the-Lawyer last night. He’s the one who dragged […]

Overdrive Making Updates

If you listen to audiobooks, there have been some happenings of note at Overdrive. This is a company which has arisen as one of the primary providers of audiobooks to libraries in the past few years–working with Boston, New York, Chicago and many other systems. I started using it as a patron when I was […]

Trying to Make Sense out of the "Kindle"-ing

I’d have had to completely abandon my computer for 48 hours to miss the chaotic conversations swarming around Kindle. What incredible w-o-m advertising! While there was incredible hype leading up to the release of the I-phone and queuing up to obtain the phones–this seems to have exploded onto the shelves out of nowhere. Last week […]