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Official Posting Notice for Youth Service Manager Job

Madame Director informs me that the formal job posting is up and I’ve seen it on a number of job boards. To the resumes!! Seriously, if you are interested at all, I do recommend applying. There is a lot of potential for growth and development of this department. There is also a lot of potential […]

Want to Work With Me? Head of YS at LPL Position

I’ve been given a green light to start circulating this information though I don’t have a formal job posting available for you as yet. My immediate supervisor, our Head of Youth Services, will be retiring the first week of August. We are beginning a search for a replacement. La Crosse, WI is a town of […]

The Forbidden Question: Salary

It came up again on a listserv tonight–a frantic interviewee wondering when she could ask about the salary for a position. Immediately the responses poured in: You never ask. Why is that? Explain this to me me. First of all, I have a serious issue with a job advertisement that doesn’t list at the minimum […]

Where Do I Go to Job Hunt?

Recently, I volunteered to share the plethora of places where I grab job information. This is not an “I’m job hunting” announcement. I’m happy at my current POW. But it’s often been pointed out to me that you never know when that ideal job will come and you certainly don’t know the state of the […]

Thoughts on Mr. Berry and NEWLIB-L (Long Post)

John Berry recently posted about the “Jobless Jitters” on NewLib-L, which is a listserv that I do read, though I’ve found it counter intuitive to participate very much. I joined NewLib not too long ago and immediately found a number of all too familiar names. There’s at least one guy on there whose jobless whining […]