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One Eye Open…

The Tech Sergeant rang early enough this morning that I was not yet out of bed. As many of you know, this is not a disturbance I take lightly, particularly when I wake up sounding like a frog courtesy of spring allergies. Fortunately, as I later noted, he’s on the short list of people who […]

A Little More Colorado….

I promise, this is the last of the vacation picture posts…. So, remember a couple of posts ago I mentioned climbing up a rock structure after the Tech Sergeant? This would be what we were climbing. We did not do the entire structure, obviously, but you can see here why it’s called a fan. On […]

The Natural Beauty of Rocky Mountain National Park

My third day in Colorado, after alpacas, we drove into Rocky Mountain National Park and up the mountain trail. It’s a single car wide hard pack dirt road that winds you up through the mountains. Relatively tight turns and constant climbing, along with quite a number of stunning sites to pull over and photograph the […]

Climb Up the Mountain; Slide Down the Stream

I’ll probably have to break this into two/three posts–it’s very picture heavy. And if you have no interest in what I do when I’m not at work…best to move along for a couple of days. These are the dreaded “look at my vacation photo” posts. Just be glad I’m not forcing you to sit through […]

Random Quote Sunday: I’m in Colorado….

At least, I will be on Sunday. I’m hanging out with the one of my best friends and his parents. In preparation of getting ready to go: “I forgot to plan around the orange hat. I’m going to have to go home and reevaluate. Can a pink tank top work with a burnt orange hat?” […]