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Random Wednesday

Silence can be a sign of too much to say rather than the inverse.  Trying to align my thoughts of late has been challenging.  I’m working on a lot of to do lists.  And if it isn’t in my day planner, it is not happening.  That’s the rule. The day planner is final and it’s […]

Kids Knitting: Into the Sunshine…

Tuesday was the last knitting session at LPL for my kids. Here’s a picture from our Library Flickr account. I started a child focused knitting group here nearly two and a half years ago for a number of reasons, my own knitting compulsion not being the least of them. It was a small group at […]

Egypt: Days -2 to 0

I left La Crosse on Saturday morning and headed for New York. Got to see the Brunette and Husband. Attempted to locate new reading material for the Brunette before he left for his next work trip (he’s picky). Met up with M on Sunday evening. Monday, M and I walked up and down Manhattan, trying […]

Because Of Course You Need More Hedgehog

I’m breaking my personal knitting out of this blog. I have some goals and projects I would like to blog at length about but didn’t want to assault all of you with it. Of course, if you read my posts via Friendfeed and Twitter, I’m going to be pulling that blog in so you’ll just […]

Kids’ Knitting Group: Beyond the Basics

Kids Knitting for the fall ends next week and it’s been gone well. New thing implemented this fall: a six week, half hour Advanced Knitting Techniques. I finish the second round next Tuesday and overall I’d say it’s been quite a success. I have patterns selected that I’d use again to teach the basics and […]