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On the Flip Side

No, I’m not dead, just buried. Freelance work seriously picked up and then I went home for six days. Now I’ve returned and started to make sense of the disaster zone also known as my desk at work, and have hope that the living room floor will be reclaimed within the next 72 hours. And […]

Celebrating Me :)

A little shameless celebration of me. I was interviewed during the Knitting in Public day in March for an article in our regional knitting magazine. The article is now available on page 27. Yippee!

Last Kids Knitting for Spring

Tuesday will be the last Kids Knitting Day for Spring 2009 and it’s been a successful third round for me. I’m finishing with about 20 kids who have attended more than once or twice, with an average weekly attendance of 14. Achievements for this spring: We had crocheting lessons, and at least one girl took […]

Kids Knitting Group: You Never Know What You’re Gonna Get

About six weeks ago I issued a challenge to the room full of young knitters. I held two stuffed animals before them, a floppy looking “dog” and a bear in a ski scarf and cap. “Knit something for them. ” I said. “It’s due to me on the second week of April. Prizes will be […]

My Mad Skillz at Booktalking

About the only consistent group of elementary aged students I see is my knitting group, so it happens more often that I notice a book I think that one of them will enjoy. Certainly there are other regular patrons for whom I think of things, but as a group… A couple weeks back I walked […]