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And she’s back…overview and Friday

Hi! Welcome to everyone dropping by from the LITA blog, other blogs, various tweets, tweeple, meet ups, I handed you a business card, we shook hands, we danced, we had a meal…..all of that. I saw a delightful number of friends and met a whirlwind of people in four days, many of whom I have […]

Dear Vendor….

Dear Vendor, I received your postcard in the mail today, along with all the other vendor stuff that’s coming to me in the week prior to the ALA Annual Conference. I found myself really annoyed by your clinging to the stereotype of librarians as silence addicts. To quote: ‘The Spine Label Printer Librarians Are Raving […]

Addressing the Librarian Age Gap

Andy has a provocative post looking at the numbers in libraries and where ages of the profession are trending. He asks the question of what we think is causing the age gap. I think it’s somewhat propagated by two things: by librarians primarily recruiting people into the profession who are closer to their own age […]

Librarian: One Part Personal Shopper

A part of being a librarian that I really enjoy is collection development: a.k.a. shopping. Getting to go through reviews and select books, music, audiobooks and finding the occasional DVD that I hop up and down and beg the DVD selector for…it’s fun! And I’m not spending my money. However, with that freedom of not […]

Popular Fiction = Future Classics

Apparently it’s a week for people to grab blog post ideas from the conversations raging over at NewLib-L. I might not have ducked back into the fray but for Colleen, who, as always, writes witty and interesting blog posts reminding us that if you behave in an unprofessional manner on a listserv–people will remember. And […]