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Facing a Fresh Landscape

There’s a fresh layer of snow dusting over the older snow outside for the new year. While, if at all possible, I have absolutely no intention of leaving the building today, it is a good time for a bit of reflection and planning. Last year was in two pretty distinct sections:Before AugustAfter August Before August […]

What’s on Display?: All About the Girls

We have this weird cubby hole at work where two stand up OPACs* used to reside. When I came to LPL a year ago this was affectionately known as the Harry Potter Shrine. It housed all eleventy-two thousand copies of the seven books in print and audiobook format. Somewhere around January we agreed to dismantle […]

Top 106 Unread Books in Library Thing: Meme

I don’t Meme often…but this one struck the English major nerves in me. Below are reading habits that will probably surprise very few of you. Especially considering my acknowledged love of Austen. Below are the top 106 books tagged “unread” in LibraryThing. The rules: Bold what you have read, italicize books you’ve started but couldn’t […]

My CueKitten :)

If it weren’t enough to be totally in love with LibraryThing (see my sidebar on my blog if you usually just read via RSS), I also recently bought a CueCat. I just upgraded this evening to a lifetime membership for LT. Probably the best investment I’ll make this year, because it gives me the opportunity […]

Neal Stephenson as a TV Series?

Oh…heaven help us all. The Librarian In Black pointed me to this today— For those Neal Stephenson fans out there, you will be either very happy or quite dismayed (or maybe both) to learn that George Clooney is teaming up with the SciFi Network to create a miniseries based on the book, Diamond Age. Hmmm…I […]