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Program Planning Committee Update

Looking at my archives, I see that it’s been quite a while since I gave you an update on the LITA Program Planning Committee and all the various and sundry things that go along with that.  As I actually have a couple of hours to write this afternoon before I need to shuffle off to […]

On the Brink of Acceptances

The LITA Program Planning Committee is through it’s initial stages of review and discussion about programs for next summer’s Annual ALA meeting.  After hours of thoughtful individual review, commenting, and rating, we had an absolutely jam packed two hour discussion today. So how did we judge a program/what were we looking for? Here are the […]

Proposal Count: Update

We topped out at 95 proposals for ALA Annual 2012 in Anaheim. Y’all apparently really want to go to Disney.    

Holy Conference Proposals Batman!!

If you’re just tuning in, please check out my initial Madame Chair post. We’re closing the LITA Program Proposal Form on Friday* and as of 5 p.m. Thursday, we were nearly to sixty proposals.  SIXTY.  That’s double what we’ve had the last two years (I checked our spreadsheets).  I’m somewhere between shock, awe, and OMGWTFBBQ-crazy. […]

Madame Chair (or, I Want a Hat)

If I’m chair of a committee, shouldn’t I get to wear a hat? I know being Madame President gets you a large hat with lots of fabric roses and gauze, I’m just looking for something with a couple of ribbons and bows: tasteful and modest but still noticeable. One of the major things that I did […]