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Please Leave a Message After the Tone: Hedgehog on Holiday

Thank you for visiting the Hedgehog Librarian. I will be offline until 1/26/10: visiting Egypt with M, riding a camel, and exploring the new layers of airport security.    Please leave a message after the tone:  A# 

Holiday in T-6 and Counting…..

I’m leaving for NYC/Egypt in six days!! M and I have been discussing vague travel plans for two or three years and finally, with the help of Air France Holidays*, we’re headed off to Egypt. I have a long weekend in New York on the way out, which is never a hardship. And then–camels, 70 […]

Hedgehogs in the News: Another Pudgy Hog

Albino hedgehog put on weight-loss regime Cute “fluffy” hedgehog…I can think of worse things than getting to go swimming every day Thanks M!

The Pile in My Library Basket

As I commented recently to M or the Incredibly Patient Mother, probably both, I’m reading more “adult” books of late. I don’t mean books of a prurient nature but ones that are in the adult portion of the library rather than the teen or children’s room. This, I’m learning, comes as a shock to some […]

Random Quote Sunday: Blame the Kitchen

“I can’t go…my appliances won’t let me.”–Apparently every time M goes away one of her appliances goes bananas. When she went to France it was the kitchen sink. She just got back from Germany and it’s the TV. I suggested that excuse for her next business trip.