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Mixed Management…

Jenica has a very thoughtful post about management, and the general attitude of library professionals towards management and managers. The attitude is skepticism, fear, mistrust, anger, and general frustration and she makes some excellent points about the comments that have been made to her since taking on a directorship for one of the SUNY schools. […]

I Have a Difficult Question….

There’s a difficult question sitting on my desk in the form of three books. The books are from an engaging children’s fantasy series. It’s not a series I’ve read but comes recommended by other children’s librarians I know. The author is currently on trial for possession of inappropriate imagery of that age group for which […]

Knitting in Public Day: The Results Show

I feel like an episode of a reality television show, only there wasn’t any voting. There were, however, knitters. Back up with me to the last week of March, won’t you? Tuesday evening I picked up Franklin from our local Amtrak station, which is very nice and old fashioned. It’s also home to a really […]

Knitting is Part of My Job Description, Right?

I just keep finding new ways to sneak knitting into my day and job description. I’ve added Mom-Knit-Mornings, a child friendly parents knitting group to encourage some of the pre-school moms who have approached me curious about getting an opportunity to knit. It’s a small group thus far, which I’m perfectly okay with. We’re putting […]

Have to Keep Hopping….

There’s an interesting sorta-meme going around called “Day in the Life of a Librarian.” While I will refrain from a full minute by minute, I thought I’d share an account of yesterday, so you have an idea. Times approximate 8:35 –Call WebGuy to let him know that I will be a few minutes late for […]