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KidLitCon 2010 Review Part 2

Here’s Part 2!  I went offline while I was staying with the Master Sergeant’s parents.  They are wonderful hosts and made my sniffly self very welcome.  I noticed, when I got home on Monday, that it felt as though I had been away far longer than 2 days for having been offline during that time.  […]

And One Important Thing More:

Today is Veteran’s Day…. Both of my friends who are actively serving are stateside at present, for which I’m incredibly grateful. When I was growing up, today was a day we honored wars long past memory. Now, I’m helping people honor friends and family members currently engaged in Iraq and Afghanistan. To the Master Sergeant […]

September 11: Year 8

It’s gotten easier, now that time has passed. The immediacy isn’t quite so upon us. And I say this as a young woman who broke down in tears in front of Carmen Agra Deedy when she shared with me the beautiful picture book she wrote about the gift of cows made to America by the […]

Of Yarn and Photography

I took a furlough day the other day (ours are voluntary, this year at least, and only one day makes the damage to the paycheck manageable) and Sibling-the-Elder and I went to a yarn festival. I was less than thrilled by the festival. I’d signed up for email notifications, arranged a hotel, all sorts of […]

All the More Reason to Visit

La Crosse, the current residence of this hedgehog, has been chosen as one of the U.S. News and World Report’s 2009 “Best 10 Places to Live”.So when are y’all coming to check it out? (The Master Sergeant* keeps saying he’s coming to fish…) *Tech Sergeant got a promotion!