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Taking Over Milwaukee

The Tech Sergeant (who is about to get a promotion and will have to be renamed) and I met in Milwaukee for a weekend of relaxation and exploration. We both ducked out of our respective homes late Thursday, I driving east and he west. I had to beat him there as I was the one […]

One Eye Open…

The Tech Sergeant rang early enough this morning that I was not yet out of bed. As many of you know, this is not a disturbance I take lightly, particularly when I wake up sounding like a frog courtesy of spring allergies. Fortunately, as I later noted, he’s on the short list of people who […]

99 Things Meme….

Blame Walt… THE 99 THINGS MEME Things you’ve already done: bold Things you want to do: italicize Things you haven’t done and don’t want to – leave in plain font 1. Started your own blog. 2. Slept under the stars. 3. Played in a band. 4. Visited Hawaii. 5. Watched a meteor shower. 6. Given […]

Facing a Fresh Landscape

There’s a fresh layer of snow dusting over the older snow outside for the new year. While, if at all possible, I have absolutely no intention of leaving the building today, it is a good time for a bit of reflection and planning. Last year was in two pretty distinct sections:Before AugustAfter August Before August […]

Holiday Wool….

The more I knit, the more ideas I get of things I should knit for people for Christmas. So then I cast those projects on and think of more things. It’s a loop that is set to run right up until around 6 p.m. Christmas day–when I’ll probably have seen all of the people who […]