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Hedgehogs in the News: Joke

My-Friend-the-Lawyer spotted this early this morning and sent it on. We both agree it’s not the funniest joke we’ve ever heard. Hedgehog joke wins comedy prize. Happy Monday all…

Hedgehogs in the News: Catch up

A couple of things have come through and I would be remiss in not sharing them. My-Friend-the-Lawyer (who is diligently studying for the bar exam in the reading room at NYPL–oh the jealousy) sent me this interesting story: Mcdonald’s Changes Lids to Save German Hedgehogs while looking for Boy Lobbies City to Get Hedgehog Ownership […]

Hedgehogs in the News

Our first story of the year comes from My-Friend-The-Lawyer Hedgehogs are Prickly Charmers. Thank for sending it! Hope your studying for the bar exam goes well!

Random Quote Sunday: Rhythm and Rhyme

Guess what state I’m in? (Beyond the state of confusion or exhaustion, I’m an almost permanent resident there.) Clue #1: It’s not Wisconsin. As some of you know, I like dance music. My-Friend-the-Lawyer often sends me mixes and tracks he thinks I should hear and I have a YouTube list that I usually have running […]

Random Quote Sunday: Old School

“I recommend the punch!”A quote from a party I attended four or five years ago. We all said it enough and used it in every day conversations for a while. Was haunting me this week–had to text the Blonde to get source. But seriously…good punch. “Now that we’ve gotten mutual apologies and natural disasters out […]