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Random Quote Summary

You’ve survived a year of the strange things I say…what were the best? January:“I need more wisdom. Same subject, more wisdom.” March:“I’m being put in high company, I may have to stop blogging about my hair.” “You only get one pillow per hamster.” May:[I want to]”Be silly with friends and forget for a while that […]

Random Quote Sunday: On the Road Again….

What state I’m in when you read this will depend entirely on what time I get out of bed on Sunday. Everyone hope that I got up when I was supposed to and made it out of the door on time. But did you think I could make it in and out of Atlanta without […]

Random Quote Sunday: I had better be in Atlanta

I’m off to visit M this weekend, weather in La Crosse permitting. Lots of lovely plans ahead! Photo from “Because everyone wears a bichon to write…”(me to M regarding this picture of Barbara Cartland) “I get a look of geek cred for reading his books.”(About Neal Stephenson–he’s a good writer but it seems to surprise […]

Random Quote Sunday: Rhetorical Questions

My orthodontist had originally recommended oral surgery. I declined, not really seeing the need to break my otherwise perfectly healthy lower jaw and move it less than 5 mm. Lo and behold, as we started moving the upper teeth, my lower jaw began to move forward and realign on its own. (This wasn’t something I […]

Random Quote Sunday: Keyboard Aggression

Ah the start of the holiday season…where some people seem to think it is to the benefit of the library staff that they bring their overstressed child in to scream hysterically. And you wonder why I wear a knitted headband (hides the earplugs). Me to coworker:“You’re typing in a really frustrated manner.”(I couldn’t see her, […]