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Random Quote Sunday: Only 62 More Knitting Days…

I’m actually home in La Crosse with the Incredibly Patient Mother. And I don’t leave the state until December (if all goes as planned). AND election day is nearly here, which means in just over another week I won’t have to look at any more campaign ads. I will, however, have to survive my library […]

Random Quote Sunday: My College Motto

My college motto was as follows: Breathing is necessaryEating is essentialSleeping is optional I would now only add one additional piece:Caffeine is required

Random Quote Sunday: Rhythm and Rhyme

Guess what state I’m in? (Beyond the state of confusion or exhaustion, I’m an almost permanent resident there.) Clue #1: It’s not Wisconsin. As some of you know, I like dance music. My-Friend-the-Lawyer often sends me mixes and tracks he thinks I should hear and I have a YouTube list that I usually have running […]

Random Quote Sunday: Blame the Kitchen

“I can’t go…my appliances won’t let me.”–Apparently every time M goes away one of her appliances goes bananas. When she went to France it was the kitchen sink. She just got back from Germany and it’s the TV. I suggested that excuse for her next business trip.

Random Quote Sunday: There’s a Reason We’re Friends

If you skipped last weeks posts, well–you missed some awfully pretty pictures. But when you put Tech Sergeant and I in the same place/conversation for very long, something crazy is going to come out. “It’s proof of how long we’ve known each other: he can see the skepticism through my sunglasses.”–Me to TS’s dad. Did […]