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Meet the Parents: Regency Romance Series

Welcome back to another round of the Regency series: * Starting off * Meet the man * Pretty Lady *Who Do I Read 1 Since someone had to give birth to these paragons of virtue, troubled souls, wicked but utterly reformable rakes, and innocent but oh so wise maidens (and occasionally widows), we must as […]

Who Do You Love? Part 1: Regency Romance Series

A commenter asked for some reading recommendations. If you’re just getting into historical fiction and regencies, it can be a bit daunting to face the romance section in your local library or bookstore and try to pick out the ones that are interesting and amusing over those that might be to prurient or insipid or […]

Pretty Lady: Regency Romance Series

It’s another dose of the regency series:* Starting off* Meet the man The Heroine Alongside such a strong hero, it’s very possible for the woman of a Regency Romance to be overwhelmed. Still, it takes a lot to wrangle these guys into a marriage and so most of these girls need a spine. It’s when […]

Who’s Your Hero: Regency Romance Series

If you’re just joining us,*Starting Off Every good regency needs a hero. The brooding type tends to be popular. Occasionally one sees the perky one but lethargy and brooding tend to rule the day. Things to remember about your hero: He is always handsome and most of the time he’s a brunette. I’m not sure […]

How to Write a Regency Romance: A Tongue in Cheek Series

It’s become too serious of late, so it’s time for some frivolity. This will be a multi-part blog series over the next few weeks. I now offer you, based on my years and years experience reading historical romance novels, suggestions on how to write one.* I’ll mostly be focusing on so-called “regency romances.” Many of […]