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Congratulations Are in Order

To Sibling-the-Younger who, last night, was named Valedictorian of his high school graduating class. This is an amazing accomplishment and I am incredibly proud. There will be a hedgehog venture to commencement ceremonies soon. CONGRATS!!!!!

Random Quote Sunday: Staging the Room

Along with observing a duck who seemed to be doing spring house cleaning of her feathers, taking a detour through MN that lasted a little longer than planned, and schlepping around PLA: I bought living room furniture. Thanks to Sibling-the-Younger–it’s assembled too! And yes, I do say these things: “I keep having visions of gracious […]

Random Quote Sunday: A Fabulous Excuse

The Incredibly-Patient-Mother and Sibling-the-Younger are in for the weekend. While there is definite quote potential tomorrow, I’m reaching you early for now. When next you need a reason to call in sick? “I’m sorry, I won’t be in…. my ears are fatigued.” (Evan @ Popgadget) Thanks Evan 🙂

Sharing in Google Reader

When I first started using Google Reader, I didn’t really pay much attention to the “Share” option at the bottom of each post. Other than accidentally hitting it, I wasn’t using it to “share” with the world–I didn’t figure the world cared that much about what I was reading. With the upgrade that Reader made […]

The hedgehog has the hiccups**. Nasty violent ones that involve full body shudders and mistyped words with each one. It’s a good thing I type fast and use spell check. What a lovely holiday! My only traffic snafu was fog on the way to Chicago and drivers on the bumper who thought I should be […]