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On the Flip Side

No, I’m not dead, just buried. Freelance work seriously picked up and then I went home for six days. Now I’ve returned and started to make sense of the disaster zone also known as my desk at work, and have hope that the living room floor will be reclaimed within the next 72 hours. And […]

City Feet–and the Lack Thereof…

I’m developing suburb feet–and it’s something I’m not especially pleased about. As I recently described to a friend, I used to walk, in heels, on concrete, upwards of two miles a day.(1) When he winced visibly I reminded him that it’s different in a city where one relies upon public transportation. I lived a full […]

It Helps to Know People…

In nearly any career field, networking is highly important. Librarians constantly talk about getting know people–it just opens up that many more possibilities and opportunities. I had the opportunity to see a very tangible benefit of informal networking while in NY. A friend of mine is currently in a Broadway show. I met said Actor […]

Superhero Sunday

Our first quiz du jour is courtesy of 3M’s priest, who always had an extra fabulous hug waiting for me at the end of the night. Your results:You are Superman Superman 75% Supergirl 75% Wonder Woman 65% Iron Man 55% Spider-Man 50% Hulk 50% Green Lantern 45% Batman 45% Robin 42% Catwoman 40% The Flash […]