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Of Yarn and Photography

I took a furlough day the other day (ours are voluntary, this year at least, and only one day makes the damage to the paycheck manageable) and Sibling-the-Elder and I went to a yarn festival. I was less than thrilled by the festival. I’d signed up for email notifications, arranged a hotel, all sorts of […]

Kids Knitting, the update….

I know you were all frantically wondering how my kids knitting group was going. After today, I think you deserve an update. Thoughts so far: it’s going to be a good crop. All of my kids from last session have returned and I’m trying to encourage them to think outside the garter stitch square. Three […]

A Different Kind of Life

I made the mistake of explaining my current involvement in online social networking sites recently. The response from the adult in question, who has no problem shoving gaming down the collective throat, was that I obviously had no life. Forgive me if I snarkily disagree. It’s a more wired/screen focused type of life but it’s […]

About the Canada story….

There’s a story going around about how a knitting group has been ousted from a library. Several people have passed this on to me as I happen to not only have a little yarn issue but I have a pretty healthy knitters group here at work. (And in the interest of full disclosure, we’re going […]

In Which I Again Diet in the Yarn Sense

It was time for another yarn diet, she sadly realized, staring around her living room. For, gentle reader, the yarn had not only taken over a wall of the den where it was supposed to live but it was launching an unorganized invasion of the living room. There was yarn in sorted boxes, which had […]