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Hedgehog Librarian

Cover Letters and References (No, Not Mine)

As higher education generally starts making it’s way “theoretically towards the end of the pandemic despite the numbers reality” I am privy to a number of colleagues planning or executing career changes. Some have graduated or are graduating from various advanced degrees undertaken just before or some even during times of lockdown. Others are examining […]

NaNoBloMo: Will I Hit 20,000?

I remember when getting email was fun. Granted, that was probably still somewhere around my undergrad years and my college classmates and I are all just past or staring down our 20th anniversaries soon here. Now it’s just a constant onslaught amongst the sixteen other mechanisms of communication. At the start of 2021 I was […]

NaNoBloMo — Do I Still Have Capacity for Long Form?

It’s National Novel Writing Month and writers will take pen and paper, keyboard, voice to text, and other forms to attempt to get that novel draft into it’s first fixed format. In years past I’ve seen Sweater Challenges (NaNoSweMo), Short Story Challenges, Podcast and Cooking Challenges — and blogging challenges. Daily blogging was something I’ve […]

They Took My Pebble Pile – EurekaAlerts

Research colleagues, friends, and coworkers will recognize the behavior I’m about to describe as something I regularly do and which I heard recently called Penguin Pebbling. I see something — probably a journal article — and it reminds me of you and so I grab the pebble off the pile and fling it into your […]

Happy to See the Year End…

The last days before the winter break are a few lingering meetings, some planned email deleting, and writing up task lists for what comes next. If I were in my regular office I’d have every single one of my whiteboards (3 big ones, several small ones) and a rainbow of colors around me –filled with […]

A Decade

At a recent end of year All Staff Meeting our excellent Interim Dean was sharing work anniversaries — and then she said my name. Apparently, somehow, a decade has flown past for me at UIC. I have distinct memories of those first days ten years ago– sitting in a cubicle w/ door trying to figure […]

The NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy — First Thoughts

Yesterday morning the NIH released their Data Management Sharing Policy https://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/notice-files/NOT-OD-21-013.html (DMS) and of course there went the rest of MY week/month/year/2021. But of course I have thoughts and summaries and then questions. I’m deeply beholden to John Wilbanks of SageBio, whose quick read through yesterday morning bailed me out as I had to spend […]


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