I just joined another RSS feed. These things are becoming so dangerously addictive. All the news and stories that you could ever possibly want at your fingertips–sorted, filtered and dished onto your desktop every day–or as often as I can squeeze in a half hour to filter through things.

It was a slow process of becoming a devotee–and there are times that I’ll go a week or two without checking in on my Google-hosted RSS. I’ve found a neat trick to keep me returning though. I’m job hunting. This is never a fun process, as anyone in the industry will tell you. I have searches emailed to me from four different job boards on a daily basis and about 10 sites I usually try to remember to check on a weekly basis. Then it hit me–there was an RSS feed on one of the sites! Fantastic!

So now the job hunting process has been cut down to only around 5 sites that I need to check. This is much easier to remember, as one can imagine. It’s also helped me become a better RSS reader. Now I have a specific mission that reminds me to log in and see what’s new not only in the job hunt world, but also in Discovery News (so so addictive) and from Gary Price and the ResourceShelf gang.

I wonder, however, if it will extend to once I’ve completed the job hunt and am successfully relocated in my new city. Hopefully the job hunt will end first–the move is scheduled for September 2… off to the Windy City

Alright…this hedgehog is off to attempt to locate my bed (too much paperwork spread out on top of it at the moment) and try to get some sleep.

Being nocturnal isn’t always convenient.