Due to a lot of chatter and verbal abuse over the past two weeks, a group of colleagues have moved to a new google group for Next Generation Librarians. I’m pleased to see familiar names reintroducing themselves and I think (I hope) this will be a better group. I’ll probably stay subscribed to the old list a while longer just to see if it totally dies off, but I expect that many people will migrate to the new group–especially once word gets out. Planning on dragging some library school friends in on this.

Relating to that–there also has been a new wiki started and I’m really excited about that. I’m not very wiki-proficient and I’m hoping that this will be an opportunity for me to actually really participate. The wiki is available at http://nexgenlib.pbwiki.com/

Wiki and Blogging all in one week! Look at me taking on technology. You have to stay current though or you run the risk of becoming totally unfocused and obsolete. I just added a bunch of links to the Wiki—I feel so proud. Ask for career hunt links and I shall provide…

Now if I can just beat the insomnia that seems to be really hitting me this week.