If you want your workload doubled–tell your job that you’re moving. During my midyear review, the question came up of what I’d like to see for the future. As I knew it would be nearly impossible to get the two women I was with together in the same room again without serious acrobatics–I told them, I’m relocating.

The flood dam officially opened this morning, as I had known it would. When you’re here, and you’ll be here, there’s an understanding of “well, you’ll be here so things will get done eventually.” Now that they have a “timeline” for me, there’s an assumption that I can complete X, Y, Z, Q, R, M, W, Red, White, and Blue before Labor Day.

I shouldn’t complain too much–both of my supervisors are trying VERY VERY hard to help me wrap things up and makes this as smooth a transition as possible, especially considering we haven’t informed the rest of the company as yet. We’re passing off a lot of this new focus on deadlines as my needing to focus on one of my major side projects rather than the responsibilities that are actually in my job description. Those usual responsibilities are being farmed (as much as possible) to the new girl who’s on her second week.

It means the next six weeks are going to see a lot of late nights, a lot of taking my databases home with me, and maybe a few days where I work from home and just design until I’m blue in the face. We shall see.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my job. My coworkers rock. But the apartment in Chicago with one of my best friends is available in September.