The email finally went out mid-late last week–notifying the company as a whole that I’m leaving. It’s probably a good thing too, as in just over a week from now I will hand over my badge, desk keys and a few other things and head out to pack a ten foot truck. Not much in the way of worldly possessions, but then, my piano is still at my mom’s house.

My coworkers have been pretty good throughout all of this. There have been some of the expected complaints, which is nice but at the same time annoying. Yes, I know I’m painfully organized and keep you on point, but you can’t always count on me being here. They’ll adapt–in my company, adaptation to change is a necessity. My tenure of a year has seen many people I knew leave. Now if I could just sneak off to Hawaii or Atlanta on the company dime to see one of my editors. I did find someone to adopt the spider plants though, so I just have to bring home the rose.

I’ve started seeing people for those “last time for a while” visits. I hate those, and I’m going to have a lot of them. It’s awkward because you want to hold on to all of the friends you have and yet, you already know that some will fade into the background and will slip away through no one’s fault. It’s just harder when you’re moving. Next weekend will be insane. I have a wedding, my volunteer work at NYPL to finish and a friend is home (he’s a purser–he’s never home) and wants to hang out. I see, very little sleep and copius amounts of beverage consumption. I know a great place that has martini’s half price during happy hour….

Cancelled one of my cell phone plans today. They tried to make sure I was aware that if I changed my mind I could reinstate my plan. Sorry, but when you buy a company and inherit all of their customers and then treat those customers like garbage—it doesn’t win loyalty. Besides, I already have a better plan with someone else…

Alright…bedtime for this hedgehog, I have to be lucid in the morning.