Introduced to me by a friend from library school, I’m a solid proponent of the site as an amazing way to get help when I’m designing. With only minimal training under my belt, I’ve had a lot of design requirements put on my plate for the projects I have to create. When I was given a very restricted budget for “consultant help”–I asked if we could get access to Experts-Exchange for a few months while I was in most need of it.

Wish granted–and it’s bailed me out a number of times–including this morning. I opened the database and, suddenly, none of my reports were working. A look in the main table revealed a wierd “deleted” record that just wouldn’t go away. After my usual try at tricks (and some hyperventilating when I thought someone had deleted all of my reports) I threw a panicked “Help” to e-e. Within five minutes I had a suggestion that I had never heard of…it worked, and everything is fine.

They’re great for much more complicated questions too and are very willing to try and hammer things out with you. Plus, a search of old questions may reveal a response before you actually have to ask a question. It, too, can help you frame your question in a more manageable fashion so as to get the answer that you need.

Very much worth the membership fee.

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