I will never fully understand MS Access…it just doesn’t physically seem possible. I cannot comprehend a query that returns 131 records and then counts them to equal 141…. I fail to understand. And I’ve just spent the past 2 hours trying to remedy this little problem for a report that I’m doing for one of my database people.

It’s been a long day–my roommate had a friend over with special needs (imagine two petite girls, strong but petite–lifting a young man in a wheelchair up and down icy concrete steps). We decorated for the holidays while he was here. This mostly involved her on a chair trying to thumbtack homemade garland (yarn) to the walls and me standing in our front window trying to thumbtack up lights. There was a good part to the latter–apparently I’d dropped my wallet outside and a nice man was walking up and down the street looking for the right number and saw me in the window. He returned it with everything intact!! Definitely put a little Christmas cheer into my heart!!

So now it’s back in front of the computer trying to wrap everything up before I work on knitting, holiday stuff and cleaning the bedroom that I’ve lost under all of the garbage.

Oh yes–I also got a new job!! Don’t have a start date yet, assuming Jan 1 ish…but HOORAY!!! I’ll be a children’s librarian.