As I got to the train this morning I thought–shouldn’t I need more identification with me? Nah, they didn’t tell me to bring anything. Silly me…should have gone back home. But in the artic temperatures we’re having today, who wants to do something insane like go home? So I went down and of course, now I’ll have to go back on Tuesday with my SS card.

But I filled out the paperwork and city hall has finger printed me!!! I am becoming a city employee and I couldn’t be more thrilled!! It’s exciting. The finger printing process took a little longer than I expected. I was among their first customer for the day (I got to City Hall around 9:15) but they had to take my prints twice…apparently not enough oil on my hands the first time to get a good print. At least it was a scanner and not ink and so my fingers aren’t purple for the theater tonight!

The cat keeps trying to steal everthing around my laptop. Most recently–my keyfob that allows me to log in to my old job’s database. That could have been a bit of a problem–meeting this afternoon. It has been located though.

Blogspot has now connected to my Gmail account so perhaps I’ll be a little better about blogging. We shall see. This morning I started a new mystery series, courtesy of Miss Margaret. “Thursday Next” novels by Jasper Fforde. I know, I’m sure I’m way way behind (the first one appears to have come out in paperback in 2003) but I’m not a huge mystery reader and it takes Donna Andrews, Lilian Jackson Braun and now apparently, Fforde to get me into that side of literature. Oh…Emily Brightwell too.

I’m not reading much other than that…but I should write a comment on Librarything…