I might finally get through Moby Dick. Though any number of times I have picked up the tome, willing myself to become immersed in the sea story, I seem to have a mental block about actually reading it. I’ll get into it a couple of chapters–and then happily revert to something more of my usual fare (ranging anywhere between histories of Europe to light hearted mysteries to comic collections and romance novels).

Tired of listening to the collection my significant other so kindly uploaded to my mp3 player–I started scouting about for something other to hear on the subways. (I know, I’m not supposed to call them that anymore but old habits die hard.)

I haven’t had time nor inclination in the winter weather that has descended upon me to haul over to the local public. Nor do I really feel like illegally ripping CDs, putting them on my mp3 player, listening, returning the CDs and dumping the books immediately because heaven only knows I don’t have the storage space. I do however, have access to the online catalog of e-books. Hmmmmm, I thought, why not check out something online that I don’ t have to return or illegally change to a different format?

And so I am a new and vociferous proponent. I’m just starting another of Jane Austen’s pieces (old favorites..I can half hear them and work at the same time, or be in transit) and happily having a change from all of the music that’s been bombarding me recently.

I hope more libraries adopt this. I’m sure it is dependent on ILS service and loan periods but what a great use to this generation of ours that is so addicted to mp3 players? Everywhere that I go these days it seems that there are always headphones in someone’s ears. When I do this myself I end up thinking everyone is functioning on the same soundtrack that I am. While this is just a personal inclination, I doubt the rest of the world really wants to know that we’re all in the middle of Mozart Requim Lacrimosa or else with some heavily remixed house music going. (A visual of me…walking down the street and attempting not to dance…) it seems to me that more libraries should adopt this idea of providing AudioBooks online to their patrons if they have not already. I checked a few other libraries whose catalogs I have perused before and didn’t see them. What better way for people to get through classics or other books of choice. No weight but what they already carry, no responsibility but to delete the files when completed.

Now then..I just need new earphones, for the ones I have don’t block out the transient noise and it makes it a bit of a challenge on to hear when the train is coming without ruining my eardrums.