Today…I am a voiceless hedgehog. No, no censors involved—just a bout of laryngitis exacerbated by being around lots of cigarette smoke in two days. I’d forgotten how badly my throat feels when I’m in a smoky setting for a couple of hours. Though a number of my friends smoke, we don’t allow it in the apartment and in a work setting–they’re usually headed outside for a quick cigarette.

I went past my new assigned branch today. That was interesting. Generally, I was suprised and pleased. Apparently, so were they. It’s a bigger, brighter building than I expected and was pleasant to walk into. That being said—I was a complete shock to them. I introduced myself to the person at the reference desk, assuming that at least when I said “I’m your new Children’s Librarian” they would be able to pigeon hole me. No—they hadn’t even been told that I was assigned to the branch/that they were getting a new Children’s librarian. Still it was a nice opportunity to go in, meet people, see the space, figure out how long it will take if I drive (35 minutes) and see where the bus stop is if I decide to take public transportation.

There were a few realities I hadn’t thought about. The level of programming is low compared to what I have in my mind as “normal” (reference–I come from small Midwestern town where they do 20-40 storytimes a week) but for one person, I’m sure it’s more than enough. There were school-aged children there in the middle of the day and one staff member spoke to me about trying to address 15 year olds still in junior high. It’s a very different setting for me.

Designing might be slowing down. Sorta/kinda. We’re at year end for one place (read—can you build me 24 reports by Monday?) and the other one is starting “Spring Semester” recruitment, which means I’ll be spending more incredibly tedious hours punching in information. Oh well, at least I can listen to e-books while that occurs.

Attempting to not talk is difficult when people are visiting, going to a new branch and I need to be in shape to sing Christmas carols next weekend. maybe this year I won’t drown other people out. It’s not an attempt to be showy–I just love singing and I dislike the whole concept of “O teeny voice night…” It’s a problem other singing friends of mine have also noted that they encounter—we’re expected to not fully enjoy the music vocally because (I’ve been told this) “you’ll make others feel like they can’t live up to you…” I don’t want them to–I just want to sing Christmas songs, sing the descant, and enjoy the music fully.

you can please some people some of the time…..particularly during the holiday season.