I think one could safely say that I’m overloaded on RSS feeds. I have 56 subscriptions as of this morning’s glut of adds, I have tons of things marked as “to go back and read more carefully” and when I do sit down and wade through things, I’m intrigued only for the 15 seconds it takes me to get through things.

Then of course, there is the time spentlinking back to the full story that Discovery has posted that I just “have to read.”

I wonder when I’m supposed to find more of this information useful other than giving me wierd trivia. I’m trying to pay attention to the news, the latest children’s books (if I ever get a start date!!) , some professional information, the latest from Rachel Gordon and Tara and David Rothman , and keep up with a few favorite cartoonists and whatnot and it’s incredibly overwhelming.

It’s too much information and yet never enough. I still feel more informed on Miss Nebraska losing her crown than I do on Gerald Ford passing away and the legacy the former president will leave.

Add on top of it a severe quantity of frustration with twits that I design for who can’t read a display to save themselves…and it’s been a good morning!! When I tell you the field doesn’t exist–believe me. I built the database.

Have to try and get a couple of things done while the boy is off at the gym. (Did I mention that having company takes up an obscene amount of time too??)