I saw an interesting story this morning from the New York Times: Power-Sipping Bulbs Get Backing From Wal-Mart . It was an interesting story and I was curious about the prices of these light bulbs. If there’s something I truly hate, it having to climb on a ladder to veeeery carefully unscrew the glass fixture that’s hanging from my bedroom ceiling and change the light bulb in it. Considering how rarely I’m “in” my bedroom with a light on…a power saving bulb might last me half again as long as it’s supposed to do so.

So off I went to Walmart.com (we don’t have a Wally-world near here but I’m an avid online shopper of everywhere). Imagine, with such publicity, my surprise at my search results:
Walmart Search for “Light Bulb”

Hopefully that string will work –otherwise just head over to the site and type in “light bulb.” On the first page of results there wasn’t a single bulb! Same results for “Fluorescent bulb” and “Energy Efficient Bulb” So….what you’re telling me is you are heavily promoting this light bulbs…but I can’t buy them online? I know shipping is a precarious thing at best but I know my mom has had light bulbs shipped before and the same search at Target.com immediately returned not only regular bulbs–but the power saving kind that I was looking to find.

May I recommend that Walmart consider updating their online site when they get such huge publicity as an NYT feature article?

🙂 Cheers