Happy 2007! Another year gone and I’m going to be misdating my checks for a while.

To do list for today includes:
1. Thank you notes from the holidays
2. Much knitting
3. Design a bunch of reports
4. Laundry

My…aren’t I off to an ambitious start!! My resolution for the new year is to try and stay/get in touch with friends and family that I have drifted from over the past few years. The girls that I used to live with–the cousins with whom I exchanged many childhood letters–the host sister in Germany who is now married. Two more friends are getting married that I’m aware of thus far for this year. The mid-late 20s have kicked in and everyone’s going family on me. I’m happy with my roommate, sharing her cat, and trying to figure out when I’m going to start my new job (Start Date…where art thou?)

Hope 2007 is a fabulous year!!