So from Resource Shelf today I learn that the American Dialect Society voted that plutoed as their word of the year for 2006. The general idea is to downgrade someone or to demote them.

Forgive me if I don’t think it will catch on very quickly. I have trouble walking up to a coworker and saying “Did you hear? She was totally plutoed!” and having them look at me with anything other than confusion. Of course, they often like to do that anyway so perhaps life wouldn’t change all that much.

I try to stay as “up” on pop culture as possible, despite a lack of much television watching. Even with the advent of Cable DVR and all of the accouterments of such things, the only channels I’ve found myself regularly clicking to in the last few years (okay, the last 7) were BBC America, TLC, The History Channel and whatever channel a former college roommate used to turn on before bed (it had a couple of shows I enjoyed and she always set the timer to shut off after Frasier so I didn’t have to even think as I stayed up doing homework). So while I understand the idea of being punked, can speak with some intelligence on the latest dance/singing competition shows, and can discuss my favorite episode of House Invaders or Cash in the Attic (British version only please), I miss out on other trends.

Have the people on Grey’s Anatomy and Law and Order been talking about being “plutoed?” Where was I when this became a word? But at least the press release does mention that they assume the most likely word to be used was “YouTube” in the verb format. Won’t Google (the company, not the verb) have a lovely time telling us all we can’t do that?