If the title of the blog wasn’t explanation enough, I have a weird affinity for odd mammals of the animal kingdom. For a number of years I’ve collected elephants. I have twenty or so very adorable stuffed elephants, a few figurines, and a thing that hangs from a doorknob with five cloth elephants and a bell at the bottom. The cat finds this last thing one of her favorite toys and I’ve had to put it on a rarely used door in the apartment so we don’t hear “jingle jingle” at all hours of day and night.

At some point during junior or senior year of college though, an affinity for hedgehogs emerged. I think it had something to do with the Beanie Hedgehog: Prickles that I bought at some point. It’s a retired Beanie Baby if you really feel the need to go find it.

This didn’t progress much further than a few AIM away messages and some desktop background downloads but slowly, I felt empathy for the small prickly creatures.

For Christmas I got my second stuffed hedgehog. It’s from a store called Peebles and it’s ADORABLE. My mom has good taste in such things (she’s built most of the elephant collection). I can’t find a picture of it…sorry.

And today, with the help of my favorite former editor, we found via Ebay: Hedgies!! They seem to only be made in England and most are of a romantic sort but aren’t they cute!! As a slow collectible, this could work nicely.

Hedgehogging about…

(Apologies if misspellings–I can’t seem to get spell check to work today.)