Oh…heaven help us all. The Librarian In Black pointed me to this today—

For those Neal Stephenson fans out there, you will be either very happy or quite dismayed (or maybe both) to learn that George Clooney is teaming up with the SciFi Network to create a miniseries based on the book, Diamond Age.

Hmmm…I can’t decide my feelings on this. I suppose it was inevitable. Stephenson’s too good a writer and the Baroque Cycle was just too much to take on in one “miniseries” (I’m just starting the second book of the series…). And of course it’s too late at night to call my sister and one of my nearest friends, both serious Stephenson fans. This was not my favorite book– Cryptonomicon will always hold that place in my heart. Still, it’s a good book and I don’t know if I want to watch it on the small screen. The only good news I can find is that Stephenson is the one prepping it for TV—so at least SOME of the integrity of the book should be upheld.

Of course, you realize that now I have to reread it really fast. *sigh* and here I thought it was just gathering dust.

P.S. I think I’m offended by Library Journal’s recent interview with Tim Spaulding for LibraryThing. They say that via the Unsuggester that

(e.g., if you like Neal Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon, you might want to veer away from Leigh Radford’s One-Skein Knitting)

I own both of these books. I really must get the rest of my library into my LibraryThing so I can totally confuse their Unsuggester. But no one ever said my reading habits were normal.