A personal non-library posting….

There are defining moments in our lives that start us on a track for the future. Mine include a meeting in a hotel lobby with a woman who’d heard I was a good student, packing my car to go to graduate school and having my mother comment that I was moving out, walking into my former supervisor’s office and telling him I was bored…and could I come volunteer for him, meeting a friend of mine to review an essay that I’d edited for him, and going to a friend’s to get drunk after a really lousy week of interviews.

Sometimes you know these times will change your life. Other times, you’re just there because that’s where you are. I hadn’t expected one cup of coffee to turn into a regular meeting of a friend and I for the better part of two years–always over weak coffee. I hadn’t expected that boredom and job frustration would lead to an eight month volunteer gig that I prized. I certainly wasn’t expecting White Russians to lead to a relationship.

I had another realization though… standing in a small white kitchen staring at a train passing by me. For the first time in months I felt like myself again rather than a gypsy in limbo. That realization is starting a year of change for me. In my mind I have a year–and at that point I want to be prepared for one of two major changes. I don’t know which one it will be yet, I doubt I’ll really have a good idea before next Christmas.

I feel somewhat resigned to this….but inside I’m screaming for a change.

My comparison for the weekend: “One is a tepid cup of weak green tea—the other is a fresh double shot of espresso”

And I’m a caffeine addict