I’m not a heavy user of Craigslist, but when I do have the opportunity to pop over and use it, I’ve had some decent results.

Just following my move and digging through a box of “computer stuff” for the umpteenth time, I decided it was time to get rid of the external zip drive. As far as I know it worked but I hadn’t used it since first year of graduate school and certainly didn’t have a clue where any of my old zips were. Considering my flash drives can handle twice the information, it didn’t seem worth it. So I posted it for free on Craigslist–with much roommate skepticism. (Who could possibly want that? she asked) Apparently many people. I had 10 people ask for it and when I chose someone the gentleman who picked it up was prompt and courteous and excited to have it.

Roomie and I used Craiglist to dispose of a TON of stuff that Roomie’s ex-roomie had left behind (after a six week waiting period and multiple attempts to get her to get the stuff!). Tools, a really nice set of art supplies, under the bed tubs… all kinds of stuff.

And I decided a couple of weeks ago that I wanted a flat screen monitor. I’ve been watching postings after making the choice NOT to invest $150 into a monitor. Finally I just posted a “wanted” with my max price that I was willing to pay. Two days later I have the monitor and even a new video card that the young man thoughtfully installed for me so that I was ready to go. The best part–he gave me 48 hours to try it out. If anything goes wrong, he’ll take it back and give me my money. No problem.

How’s that for excellent!! So what can you get or give today?