After dragging my tired tush home from the theater and curling up with an apple and caramel dip, I noticed in my email a job posting that caught my eye.

This isn’t a job I’ll apply for but it’s one that brings back memories–it’s at the library in the town where I lived for four years as a young child.

Said town library is no longer in the same old building, probably for the best, but that doesn’t mean my memories move to the new shiny space. What I remember is a two story building where children’s was in the basement. I’m sure there was a card catalog but I didn’t use it (I was six.). I knew that collection well though–from the adorably cute easy read books that were about mythical animals with BIG eyes (sorry, can’t remember the series, I’ll call my mom and ask) and the orange bound “biographies” of Sitting Bull and other characters. I remember getting books to do a presentation on lightening and some choose your own adventure books.

The children’s area was where kids were supposed to be. Upstairs was bright and sterile and for adults. I remember not feeling especially welcome up there–I think perhaps I wasn’t even allowed up there sans adult. The children’s space, dimly lit and smelling of “old book,” was mine though and I could check out anything I wanted—as long as I could carry it out to the car (my mom’s limit). My sister and I had STACKS of cards pulled from books that were then carefully stamped and they were secured with a rubber band to my card. The librarian had red hair and was probably in her thirties or forties–I just recall her being older than my mother.

It’s a pleasant memory to reflect on a place where I could glut on books and literature and information–and the smell of old book .

Good luck finding a candidate, I’m sure someone will be perfect for the job!