Cheers and Happy Valentines Day! I think we got less than a foot of snow and if my sister can make it back from Washington DC in one piece, we’ll be excellent. (She’s at the airport and has actually seen a plane taxi! A positive start)

Although the week hasn’t been especially exciting a couple of things have cropped up and I’m starting to feel energy coming back again so perhaps I’m emerging early from winter hibernation.

Item one: an article proposal was accepted! Yay! So now I have a couple of months to put that together and see what coherent piece I can come up with for said newsletter.

Item two: I’m judging a romance novel contest! Giggle all you want but if you have seen what little I’ve managed to get into my LibraryThing thus far, most of it is from the romance shelves in my bedroom. It’s my version of television and it’s a lot easier to stop at the end of a paragraph and come back a week later. Also–no commercials. There isn’t even product placement! It’s fabulous!!

I’d also like to start doing book reviews but I’m a little concerned that my “affiliation” of “freelancer” will be a turnoff. I’d love to have a glossy place of work for you–truly I would–but I’m paying the bills with MS Access.

What are you doing this spring to participate? Any book/resource selection places you recommend I apply to? Enjoying the glut of chocolate and pink/red hearts?