I liked Rachel Singer Gordon’s recent post on Multitasking. It’s a nice reminder that some people need to do more than one thing at a time.

I was fast tracked as a child–pushed through school fairly quickly and still with a lot of distraction on my part. In my house, I don’t remember not multitasking (my mom and siblings were much the same way). In undergrad and grad school, this meant I had two notebooks going–one with whatever the teacher was talking about and one with whatever I was thinking about. It wasn’t that I wasn’t interested in learning, I just don’t know how to only do one thing at a time. Now I listen to Jane Austen novels while I enter data into a database, knit or read whenever I’m watching a movie (and usually while I’m on the phone, or at work, or on the train….), and try to make myself only drive while driving.

Were I to go through the educational system now, I’d probably be described to be ADD. I don’t think I have trouble concentrating or learning though. I have had friends who were ADD–compared to them I’m terribly blase and focused.

It’s a grazing way of life and so far I enjoy it. I eat in much the same fashion, wandering through the kitchen and snacking on Cheerios and fruit and cheese. Hmmm, now I have the nibblies.