An interesting story from the Seattle Times on Grrrl Reading. The premise behind it is a girl book group reading books with strong female protagonists and selecting things from the books to enjoy at book gatherings. It comes from , which is a snazzy website. The book group/myspace/etc etc goes live on March 1.

I think the site will be more popular with the tween-early teen crowd but the books will hopefully have a broader appeal. It is said to be intended for 12-18, which is a WIDE age range of reading. I haven’t read the book they’re planning to start with, so I can’t speak with great intelligence on that point.

Strong female protagonists. Hmmmm, should I feel guilty that I just bought another 15 romance novels over the weekend so I had some new fluff to read on the train? (Disclosure: Half-Price books is a dangerous dangerous store; I should never be allowed book shopping with my family; and I bought five Tom Clancy’s and a couple of sql books too…)